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By Joining the Tax Resolution Academy® will give you the knowledge, experience and confidence to charge higher fees, make more money and take satisfaction in a job well done. 

We are a community of tax, legal, and accounting professionals that have gathered together for a common purpose:

Help each other to build better tax resolution firms!

We believe in providing competent representation to our clients, while also operating the most profitable businesses possible. We are committed to constantly increasing our knowledge to provide the best possible service to our clients. In addition, we are committed to operating our practices through best-in-class systems and acquiring clients using proven direct response marketing principles.

What you get!

You will have many questions when you first start handling cases, come ask them on our discussion                           board in our member portal or come join us in our weekly one hour live Zoom Meeting Tax Resolution Office Hours (TROH) call 

​As you learn to take on more cases and your confidence grows, you will inevitably have questions that will arise that you just won’t know the answer to and that is OK. Come ask our seasoned members that can guide you along no only the technical material but the tips, tricks and items to be wary

Continuing Education: We offer LIVE and On-Demand CPE Webinars

​Whether you need continuing education credits or just want to gain more knowledge, we have classes that will not only help you with gaining more technical knowledge, but offer you some tips for marketing and practice management

Templates, Sample Letters and Checklists: Want a short-cut to help you save time and earn more money? Members have access to multiple types of engagement letters, client response templates, and IRS communication templates to save you HOURS of time and research.

​Whether you need continuing education credits or just want to gain more knowledge, we have classes that will not only help you with gaining more technical knowledge, but offer you some tips for marketing and practice management

Why You Should Work With ME!

Dan Henn, CPA, CTR™ is a seasoned Tax Professional, Financial Coach, Entreprenuer, Author and Speaker who is based in Rockledge, Florida. He is also the author of “No Holds Barred, Candid Talk About Small Business Success In Florida,”, “41 Dangerous IRS Tax Red Flags” and "Hidden Profits in Your Tax Practice" which are all available on Amazon. He is also a former monthly columnist in the Florida Today since June 2012.

Originally from Land O’ Lakes, FL, Dan’s love of the industry began during college. During his business studies, Dan quickly discovered his knack for numbers. This ultimately paved the path to his present career, where he is infinitely dedicated to helping people (especially new business owners) save money and expand their business. In addition to saving on taxes, Dan strives to protect his valued clients from the IRS so they can sleep better at night.

​In 2013, he added IRS representation as a full-time service to his practice. This allows him to help people stay out of harm's way with the IRS.

Dan Henn, CPA, CTR™

Come Join the Tax Resolution Academy® NOW!

Here's What is Included in the
Tax Resolution Academy®

  • Weekly Tax Resolution Office Hours Calls
  • These 1-hour Q&A calls, conducted Fridays most weeks of the month, are your opportunity to get your tax resolution case work, marketing, sales, and practice management questions answered live. Even if you don’t have a question, it’s great to listen to your fellow member’s questions—they might ask something that’s helpful to you! (Value = $597/mo)
  • Live & On-Demand CPE Webinars
  • Stay up to date with the latest changes in IRS policy and procedure! Join Dan, Jassen, IRS personnel, and other leading experts in the field of taxpayer representation for live and on-demand continuing education webinars. We provide 120 hours per year of up to date taxpayer representation education -- that's more than any other organization. (Normally $45 per CPE hour - a $4,500 annual value)
  • ​​
    CPE courses inside the Academy count towards earning your CTR™ designation (up to 100 CPE hours are available)
  • Case Work Technical Guidance
  • Between Dan and a supportive community of the most experienced tax resolution professionals in the country, you’ll have technical support through every phase of your tax resolution engagements. Even if you’re brand new to taxpayer representation, you’ll receive guidance through every step of the process, from lead generation to getting paid to client intake to case resolution. (Value = Priceless, but at least $3,500/mo)
  • Marketing Materials Library (Champions & Titans member)
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to your marketing. Instead, start with a library of tested and proven lead generation letters, postcards, lead magnets, and other marketing resources to grow your practice. More than $2 million has been collectively invested in testing and tweaking these marketing tools to attract real, paying clients. (Normally $4,997 by itself)
  • Tax Resolution Video Vault & Bonus Courses (Champions & Titans members)
  • ​ 24/7 on-demand access to over 200 hours of detailed case work, marketing, sales, and practice management training, covering every aspect of starting and growing your firm, working on various types of cases, and operating a more efficient and profitable firm. (A $9,950 Value)
  • Tax Resolution Templates
  • ​ Engagement letters, client response templates, IRS communication templates, and more to use in your practice.
  •  Frequent business development suggestions, resources, and tools shared via the member community.
  • Summary of New Marketing Content Provided Each Month to Titans members only:
  • 4 articles about individual tax and finance matters, for use as emails and blog posts.
  • 4 articles about business tax and finance matters, for use as emails and blog posts.
  • 1 monthly client/prospect newsletter, 4 pages of material, with several small articles, each of which could easily be extracted into something longer if you choose

What Others Are Saying

"I'm a former Revenue Agent (nearly 9 years), and I've recently opened my own practice as a tax resolution specialist. Even though I'm pretty familiar with much of what you talked about, I still learned a LOT from your presentation."


"I always enjoy and learn a lot in Jassen and Dan's webinars, Thank you!"


The community within TRA is truly something to behold. My gosh, professionals from all walks of tax life (EAs, CPAs, lawyers) working together on weekly calls or dropping questions/answers to assist each other is truly remarkable. I mean, people are willing to help even for free, because when one WINS, we all do. Through the TRA community, I personally met some awesome people, some I consider friends. I am part of several other communities, and I am telling you that this is the best I have had the pleasure of being part of. I happily pay my monthly dues, because the ROI on my investment (in myself, via TRA) is probably immeasurable.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1: Is "Tax Resolution Academy®" suitable for beginners or only for experienced tax professionals?

"Tax Resolution Academy®" is perfect for already licensed tax professionals at any stage of their journey, whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. This group provides easy-to-understand explanations and step-by-step instructions that cater to all skill levels. If you're just starting, you'll find a solid foundation to build upon, and if you're an experienced licensed tax pro, you'll discover advanced strategies, resources and a vibrant community to take your tax practice to new heights.

#2: How quickly can I expect to see results after implementing the strategies in the "Tax Resolution Academy®"?

The time it takes to see results may vary based on factors such as your niche, the quality of your content, and the consistency of your marketing efforts. However, many members of "Tax Resolution Academy®" have reported significant improvements in leads, clients and income within just a few weeks to as long as 3-6 months of implementing the strategies. Keep in mind that IRS Representation is a long-term endeavor, and success requires dedication and persistence. With consistent effort and the right strategies in place, and asking questions, you can expect to see positive results over time.

#3: Can I really make a full-time income from IRS Representation using the Tax Resolution Academy®?

Absolutely! Tax Resolution Academy® is a powerful platform that enables licensed tax professionals to create content, marketing, sales funnels,  and generate consistent income. By following the strategies and techniques shared in the Tax Resolution Academy®, countless licensed tax professionals have turned their passion into a full-time income source. While results may vary, with dedication, persistence, and the right strategies, you too can achieve the tax practice of your dreams!

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Please note that individual results may vary, and making a full-time income from IRS Representation is not guaranteed. The success stories and testimonials shared in this sales letter are real and from actual members of "Tax Resolution Academy®," but they should not be interpreted as a guarantee or promise of earnings. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in this sales letter depends on the time you devote to the strategies shared in the Tax Resolution Academy®, your existing knowledge of IRS Representation, your commitment to implementing the techniques, and various other factors.

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